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Computer Programming Courses

  • Game Design Avatars
  • Event Handling
  • Add-ons In-game Ads
  • Perspective Lighting
  • Motion Tracking VR
Mobile Apps

Modern programming is becoming less about knowing how to program, and more about sourcing code snippets, and accessing software libraries. Google recently opened their Google Apps and API's to developers, and the US government has literally thousands of free datasets to download which can be used commercially without a license.

iPhone iOS & Android Apps

Creating iPhone & iPad Apps Training
by Infinite Skills, High Quality Training
56.2K students 1.8K active students (73 Reviews)

Learn iOS Programming - The Basics
by Eduonix Learning Solutions, The Knowledge Edge
17.2K students 586 active students (54 Reviews)

How To Make iPhone Apps - iOS Development
by The App Dojo, Learn by doing
29.6K students 910 active students (129 Reviews)

Top-Selling iPhone App Design
by Tope A, Founder, App Design Vault
50K students 807 active students (164 Reviews)

How To Build A Mobile App
by General Assembly, Campus for Technology, Design and Entrepreneurship
25.6K students 604 active students (213 Reviews)

30 minutes to a custom GUI design
by UI/UX Designer Jen Gordon, Conversion Centered Design
12.7K students 275 active students (128 Reviews)

Getting Started with Android
by Learn by the Byte, Engaging Courses from Expert Instructors
11.4K students 590 active students (46 Reviews)

Learn by Doing - Android for Beginners
by Ragunath Jawahar, Android Enthusiast and Entrepreneur
24.7K students 2.9K active students (71 Reviews)

Android Programming From Scratch
by Eduonix Learning Solutions, The Knowledge Edge
43.4K students 2.5K active students (151 Reviews)

Android App Development by Example
by Pablo Farias Navarro, Founder of ZENVA
17.8K students 845 active students (50 Reviews)

JAVA Programming

Java was developed by James Gosling in 1990, at Sun Microsystems. Java further adds to the capabilities of C++ language, and is portable, irrespective of the underlying operating system and hardware. Java is used to develop enterprise-level applications and video games.

Java Tutorial for Beginners
by John Purcell, Software Development Trainer
283.7K students 37.5K active students (1,526 Reviews)

Learn Java Programming
by Eduonix Learning Solutions, The Knowledge Edge
9.3K students 585 active students (13 Reviews)

Java Design Patterns and Architecture
by John Purcell, Software Development Trainer
38.6K students 2.2K active students (194 Reviews)

Java Multithreading
by John Purcell, Software Development Trainer
29.9K students 1.7K active students (305 Reviews

JAVA Programming (MIT Course)

Python Programming

Python was developed by Guido Van Rossum in 1991, and has increased in popularity owing to Google’s investment. Some sites using python including Pinterest and Instagram.

Introduction to Python
by Mark Lassoff, Founder, LearnToProgram, Inc.
22.7K students 897 active students (12 Reviews)

Learn Python Django
by Stone River eLearning, A top Udemy eLearning provider
6K students 239 active students (9 Reviews)

C++ and C#

C# combines the robustness of C++ with the advanced features of Java. C# language is used with Visual Studio IDE. If you are writing a web-based application in ASP.NET, you will be required to code in C# or VB for the backend.

C++, Short and Sweet, Part 1
by Jeremy Siek, Professor at Indiana University
29.8K students 1.1K active students (119 Reviews)

Intro C#
by MCT, MCPD, BSEE Peter Thorsteinson, Software Developer
6.8K students 865 active students (7 Reviews)

Stanford CS 107: Programming Paradigms
by Stanford University,
18.3K students 638 active students (38 Reviews)

C++ Programming
C++ was developed in 1983. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Winamp, and the suite of Adobe products were all developed using C++.

Artifical Intelligence (MIT Course)

Cisco CCNA & Networking

Cisco CCNA in 60 Days
by Paul Browning, Cisco Engineer and Internet Entrepreneur
42.6K students 2.3K active students (105 Reviews)

New CCNAx 200-120 Routing and Switching
by Sikandar Gouse Moinuddin, CCIE x2 ( RS/SP)
14.1K students 2.6K active students (56 Reviews)

CCNA 200-120 Free Video Boot Camp
by Chris Bryant, Boss Bulldog At The Bryant Advantage
29.3K students 615 active students (53 Reviews)

IP Addressing and Subnetting
by Sikandar Gouse Moinuddin, CCIE x2 ( RS/SP)
18.1K students 1.2K active students (65 Reviews)

TCP, HTTP and SPDY Deep Dive
by Ivan Pepelnjak, Internetworking veteran
11.8K students 342 active students (49 Reviews)

Security & Hacking

Cyber Security
by DeVry University MOOC,
9.5K students 1.2K active students (13 Reviews)

Hacking: Monitoring Transmitted Data
by IT Security Academy, IT Security Certified Professional
15.4K students 937 active students (22 Reviews)

Build Your Own Cyber Lab
by Kyle Slosek, IT Security, CISSP, C|EH
5.5K students 598 active students (26 Reviews)

Network and Computer Security (MIT Course)

Data Mining

Scraping and Data Mining
by Ala Shiban, Coder
6.5K students 425 active students (23 Reviews)

Big Data and Hadoop Essentials
by Founder Nitesh Jain, Hadoop and Data Analytics

9.7K students 1.7K active students (60 Reviews)

Data Mining (MIT Course)

Website API, HTML, CSS

The Basics of APIs
by General Assembly, Campus for Technology, Design and Entrepreneurship
14.1K students 495 active students (26 Reviews)

Web Development: HTML + CSS
by Bradley Berger, Learn Web Dev By Doing
14.9K students 981 active students (157 Reviews)

Website in 1 Week with HTML5 and CSS3
by Ryan Bonhardt, Online Learning Enthusiast & Teacher at Maker-Based
12.4K students 2.2K active students (95 Reviews)

Learn HTML5 Programming
by Eduonix Learning Solutions, The Knowledge Edge
133K students 7.4K active students (975 Reviews)

php & MySQL

PHP was developed in 1995, a server-side scripting language. PHP is open-source, with development platforms such as Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal. SQL is a database query language interacting with the underlying database.

Beginner PHP and MySQL Tutorial
by Infinite Skills, High Quality Training
65.5K students 4.6K active students (271 Reviews)

Practical PHP: Code Dynamic Websites
by Brad Hussey, Pro Web Slinger at Code College
8.3K students 1.2K active students (108 Reviews)

MySQL Database
by Bucky Roberts, Computer Programmer and Developer
94.3K students 3.7K active students (887 Reviews)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Advanced SEO: Tactics and Strategy
by Moz, Learn SEO quick, easy, and best of all, free!
13.5K students 543 active students (64 Reviews)

SEO Introduction from an ex-Googler
by Amitabh Verma, Ex-Googler, Founder AMP Digital
1.1K students 187 active students (4 Reviews)

SEO Link Building Basics
by Jon Ball, Co-founder and CEO of Page One Power
3K students 299 active students (5 Reviews)

Javascript jQuery

JavaScript is a client side programming language that runs in the browser, rather than the server, which results in decreased load and faster application execution speed. JavaScript is paired up with your chosen server-side scripting language.

Learn Javascript & JQuery From Scratch
by Eduonix Learning Solutions, The Knowledge Edge
26.4K students 2K active students (210 Reviews)


Bitcoin: Love Crypto
by Charles Hoskinson, Entrepreneur, Cryptocurrency Evangelist
45.4K students 1.3K active students (165 Reviews)

Bitcoin Basics
by Draper University, A school for entrepreneurs
2.1K students 882 active students (6 Reviews)

Adobe Software

Adobe Flash CS5.5 for Beginners
by Infinite Skills, High Quality Training
55.2K students 1.1K active students (50 Reviews)

Intro to Adobe Flash
by Infinite Skills 55.2K students 1.1K active students (50 Reviews)

Adobe Dreamweaver Tutorial
by Infinite Skills, High Quality Training
22K students 695 active students (74 Reviews)

Intro to Photoshop CC
by Train Simple 11.6K students 569 active students (27 Reviews)

Adobe Certified Training: Photoshop CS6
by Train Simple 10.4K students 257 active students (50 Reviews)

Photoshop for Web Design
by Mr Carl Heaton 8.2K students 889 active students (75 Reviews)

Getting Started with InDesign CC
by Train Simple 3.9K students 151 active students (11 Reviews)

Adobe InDesign Made Easy
by Infinite Skills 3.8K students 291 active students (3 Reviews)

Adobe Illustrator CS3
by Mr. Jonathon Levin 5.1K students 199 active students (13 Reviews)

Learn Adobe Illustrator
by Eduonix Learning Solutions 13.3K students 643 active students (15 Reviews)

Illustrator CC
by Train Simple 6.9K students 364 active students (39 Reviews)

Game Development

Game Development Crash Course with Corona SDK
by J. A. Whye, Course Instructor
23.9K students 866 active students (194 Reviews)

Mobile Games: Simple 2D-Games for Android
by Mobile App University, Expert 2D android game developer
10.7K students 691 active students (21 Reviews)

Unity3d Concepts
by Jonathan Gonzalez, Founder of Xenosmash Games
11.2K students 1.1K active students (38 Reviews)

Unity3d Environmental Series
by Jonathan Gonzalez, Founder of Xenosmash Games
8.6K students 182 active students (78 Reviews)

Create Video Games (MIT course)

Instructional Game Design

Android OS App Builder

Android Design Style, building blocks, downloads, and video.

Android Development Training, API Guides, a quick reference, and samples.

Google Play Google Play is an easy way to distribute your Android Apps. Register, upload, and publish your app, so Android users can rate and add comments.

Google Apps Marketplace Google Apps already has 40 million users and an additional 5,000 companies a day are signing up.

Chrome Web Store The Chrome Web Store lets you publish apps and games for 200+ million Google Chrome users.

Web In-App Payments Use Google In-App Payments to sell digital and virtual goods within a web application.

Google Play In-App Billing Google Play In-App Billing allows you to sell digital content, including downloadable content such as media files or photos, and virtual content such as game levels or access.

Google open source sharing platform:




Google Apps



Ruby on Rails












Website Programming


HTML Examples
HTML tutorial HTML5
HTML Reference

CSS Style Sheets

CSS Examples
CSS Tutorial, CSS3
CSS Reference

JavaScript Tutorial

JavaScript Examples
JavaScript Tutorial

php programming

php Tutorial
php Reference
AJAX Examples

ASP.NET programming

ASP.NET Examples
ASP.NET Reference
ASP.NET Tutorial

SQL database calls

SQL Tutorial

How Companies Make Money Online

Adobe takes 9% of revenue from Flash developers.
30% of iTunes sales goes directly to Apple.
Android gets a 30% transaction fee for each app sold.
Google Voice is free, but money is earned from call termination fees.
Groupon retains half of all revenues generated.
Kickstarter keeps 5% of money raised for successful projects.
Xbox Live charges users $50 annually for subscriptions.
Most of Mozilla's revenue comes from royalties paid by search engines.
Skype makes money charging $4.99 monthly, or up to 2.3 cents per minute.
StackOverflow makes money selling banner ads and sponsored results.
Tumbler generates revenue from paid inclusion and their blog directory.
Twitter makes money offering Promoted Tweets.
Wolfram Alpha makes a bulk of their money licensing their API.
Farmville makes 60 cents out of every dollar selling virtual goods.

What's the Best Time to Post on Social Media?

1 to 4 pm is the best time to post about a website on Facebook.
1 to 3 pm is the best time to post about a website on Twitter.
Best time to post about a site on LinkedIn is before or after business hours.
9 to 11 am is the best time to post about a website on Google+.
2 to 4 pm, or 8 pm to 1 am, are best times to post about a site on Pinterest.

Text Message SMS marketing

98% of all SMS and MMS messages are opened.
175 million Americans text daily.
7 billion text messages are sent every single day.
Young people look at their phones 150 times per day.

Students and Digital Devices

98% of college students own some sort of digital device.
27% of college students regard a laptop as the most important backpack item.
75% of college students can't think straight without a smart phone.
25% of college students use podcasts in their studies.
College students spend several hours a day texting.
1 out of 12 college students contact their teachers via social media.
7 out of every 10 college students use digital devices when taking notes.
College sophomores spend the most time daily on Facebook (160 minutes).

Reddit vs Digg

Reddit gets the most new front-page submissions on Monday at 9 am.
Digg gets the most new front-page submissions on Thursday at 2 pm.
The word 'iPhone' commonly appears in Digg titles.

First page of Google results

1 billion names are searched on Google every day.
94% of people only look at the first page of Google results.
15% of names/companies have at least one damaging result on page 1 of Google.

Website Content and Flippa, StumbleUpon

92% of marketers say content creation is effective for SEO.
52% of consumers say blogs impact purchase decisions.
200,000+ users are registered on Flippa.
2,500+ buyers and sellers are on Flippa every 60 seconds.
Just 5% of websites are "flipped" (despite the name of the site Flippa).
2 million web pages are added to StumbleUpon every 30 days.
Fully half of all social media referrals originated from StumbleUpon.
StumbleUpon referrals stay on a page 25% longer than average.

Smart phones

iPhone dominates the smartphone market with a whopping 20.5% share.
1 out of every 20 website visits are seen by iPhone users.
Website traffic from smartphones has doubled over the last year.
37% of smartphone users take a photo of a product during a shopping trip.
iPhone users average $100 per order.
45% of website owners optimize their site for mobile.

Facebook vs Google

Social media and blogs reach 80% of all active internet users in USA.
1 in 7 minutes spent online is on Facebook.
Google+ adds 10 million new users every 30 days.
The average user invests over 7 hours a month on Facebook.
2 out of every 3 Google+ users is male (averaging 28 years old).
57% of Facebook users are male (averaging 38 years old).
The top 3 sponsored ads garner 41.1% of all clicks on Google's search results.
Just 9% of clicks come from Google's top organic search results.
40% of searchers couldn't identify paid ads if there wasn't a right column.

QR Codes

2 out of every 3 QR scans come from Apple iOS devices.
89% of QR code scanning is for information requests.
42% would scan a QR code to get a discount voucher.
68% of QR scans are made by women.
Higher-end buyers aged 14 to 30 most likely to use QR codes in store.
50% of all smartphone owners have scanned QR codes.
55% of smartphone owners use their device to price compare in the store.

Email Advertising

Email has 3 billion users, compared to 1 billion Facebook users.
Just 14% of all email accounts are located in the USA or Canada.
47% of all email accounts are located in Asia and the Pacific.
Almost half of all email received is spam.

Facebook Marketing

43% of accounts are Facebook power users in at least one activity.
19% of Facebook users makes at least one Friend request every 7 days.
35% of Facebook users were tagged in a photo by a Friend.
27% of Facebook users sent a personal message at least once a week.
59% of Facebook users received a personal message within 30 days.
Female Facebook power users post more than men.


2 out of every 3 Pinterest users resides in the USA.
Most Pinterest users (28%) are between ages 35 to 44.
8 out of 10 Pinterest users are women.
3.6% of all social media referral traffic comes from Pinterest.

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