Time Is Running Out on Acting Officials’ Authority Under Vacancies Act

Failure to nominate officials for hundreds of key government positions could create major problems for Trump.

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Push to Restore State and Local Deduction in Tax Bill Is Defeated

House Ways and Means Democrats and Republicans sparred Tuesday over the so-called SALT deduction.

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Seven Drivers of Government Transformation

Excellence in Government

Agency leaders must continually adapt to this ever changing landscape, but how?

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EPA Chief's Scientific Advisory Panel Moves Draw Mixed Reactions

Complaints range from pro-industry bias to unfair denials of spots to grant recipients.

Excellence in Government

How To Cope With The Loneliness of Being a Manager

Changing the way you think about your team can go a long way.

Analysis: EPA Is Still Ignoring Toxins In U.S. Drinking Water

The water-testing lab the EPA hired to check for PFOA contamination in 2013 argues that the toxin far more rampant in US water than the government says.

Trump Ramps Up Shutdown Odds by Reiterating Demands for Wall Funding

Democrats say they will not approve bills with funding for a "useless, immoral wall."

Feds Are Flocking to the Same Few Health Care Plans Despite Choices

Blue Cross Blue Shield market share in FEHBP has increased substantially since 2000 despite growing competition, analysis finds.

Bill Adding Flexibility to TSP Withdrawals Is Headed to Trump’s Desk

Changes have been long sought by TSP participants, but could still take up to two years to implement if the bill is signed into law.

The Biggest Bombshells In Carter Page’s Russia Testimony To Congress

Jeff Sessions knew about Page's trip to Moscow during the campaign, and other surprises.

Excellence in Government

The Top 10 Silent Killers of Government Efficiency and Effectiveness

The Trump administration’s government reform initiative has gone quiet in the past few months.

Play of the Day: Hat-Based Diplomacy

Donald Trump and Shinzō Abe played golf, talked about samurai and signed hats.

House Votes for VA to Clean Up Its Management

Bill would prevent VA leaders from "beating each other over the heads," lawmaker says.