Trump to Congress: Offset Disaster Relief With Cuts to Agency Spending

White House requests $11 billion in cuts—and potentially more—to pay for hurricane response.

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Last of 24 Scammers Impersonating IRS Agents Pleads Guilty

Probe of money laundering conspiracy involved Justice, Homeland Security and Treasury IG.

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Mulvaney Might Double as Temporary Head of Consumer Bureau

The White House has not confirmed reports of budget director’s expanded role.

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The Potential Payoff for Applying Metrics and Analytics to Government Is Significant

But managers need more training, and all employees need to be involved in performance initiatives.

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Five Annoying Questions to Ask Your Grandparents at Thanksgiving

There’s no time like the holiday to explore the pressing issues of federal policy.

Supporters of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival program (DACA) demonstrate in front of the White House on Sept. 9.

Trump Administration Reverses Key Immigration Decision After Postal Service Screwup

Some immigrants with DACA status will now have an extension to apply for renewal.

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Sheryl Sandberg Is Calling BS On Your Long-Held Career Phobia

Your career can move in more than one direction—it doesn't always have to be up.

More Than 50 Experts Told DHS That Using AI For 'Extreme Vetting' Is Dangerously Misguided

DHS cannot automate "extreme vetting." It's just not technically possible.

Navy Poised to Fire Employee After Failing for 4 Years to Accommodate Her Disability

Service spent more than a year attempting to address compatibility issues between promised speech recognition and its intranet.

Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., said the Senate should act quickly on the measure.

House Passes Bipartisan Evidence-Based Policymaking Bill

Agencies would create evaluation officers and contribute to national secure data inventory.

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What Evidence-Based Policymaking Doesn’t Do

The obsession with improving existing programs misses the need to redesign them for the future.

HHS secretary nominee Alex Azar holds a press conference at HHS in 2006, when he was deputy secretary.

Appointee Watch: The 300-Day Mark

HHS nominee announced, other picks withdraw as Trump runs into the federal vacancy deadline.

Justice Department IG Michael Horowitz led the IGs' charge in favor of larger budgets, quicker nominations for vacancies and long-sought subpoena power to compel testimony from retired agency employees.

Inspectors General Seek Subpoena Power, Authority to Probe DoJ Prosecutors

TSA watchdog calls results of new secret test of TSA airport screeners "disappointing."