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Feds Are Flocking to the Same Few Health Care Plans Despite Choices

Blue Cross Blue Shield market share in FEHBP has increased substantially since 2000 despite growing competition, analysis finds.

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Bill Adding Flexibility to TSP Withdrawals Is Headed to Trump’s Desk

Changes have been long sought by TSP participants, but could still take up to two years to implement if the bill is signed into law.

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Trump Admin Tells Agencies to Strip Contract Provisions Guarding Against Wage Theft

New rule was required by a vote in Congress earlier this year.

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OPM Retirement Backlog Balloons Again in October

Agency says training, lack of overtime funding have hampered processing efforts.

Friends search through the remains of a home destroyed in Santa Rosa, California, wildfires.

OPM Loosens Restrictions on Emergency Leave Transfers

Employees can donate hours to a specific emergency, or bundle them together and let their agency decide how to allocate them.

Families can earn up to $1,300 for miscellaneous expenses such as pet relocation.

The State Department Spends $500M Annually on Perks for Employees Overseas

Payments range from adjustments for dangerous posts to pet relocation.

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., said the measure would ensure agencies circumventing the OPM review process are “in violation of a statute” rather than a regulation.

House Panel Backs Two-Year 'Cooling-Off Period' for Appointees Looking to Burrow In

Republicans have harped on the issue despite infrequent use of political to career conversions.

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FBI Employees Cannot Use Whistleblower Retaliation as a Defense, Court Rules

FBI employee says he was fired for reporting on employees who used a government plane to solicit prostitutes.

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Benefits Spared the Budget Ax

Budget resolution does not mandate retirement cuts, but future spending measures could.

House Vote Takes Federal Retirement Cuts Off the Table For Now

Federal benefit cuts could still be on the horizon through other legislative avenues.

OPM Finalizes Long-Desired Change to USPS Pensions

Agency has identified the change as key to putting the agency back on firm financial footing.