The EPA Has Approved The Release of Weaponized Mosquitoes In 20 U.S. States

Biotech firm MosquitoMate says it has the green light to release its bacteria-infected mosquitoes, which prevent the insects from multiplying, into the open.

Read more November 8, 2017 Leave a comment James Gathany/CDC

Continuing Resolution on Congress' Post-Holiday To-Do List


Congress moved along IT modernization and defense authorization bills but still faces funding the government.

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Homeland Security Has A Plan To Fight Zombie Devices


The report urges more public-private cooperation on botnet takedowns and more and better cyber standards.

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Stanford Trained AI to Diagnose Pneumonia Better Than a Radiologist in Just Two Months

There’s a clear trend that having more data makes it easier to train artificial intelligence.


The Most Important Skill for 21st-Century Students Is the Discipline to Say “No”

The ability to recall facts (we have Google) and parrot popular arguments (the canon is dead) has become obsolete.


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The Tiny, Passionate Group Battling Google, Facebook, and Amazon’s Grip on US Minds and Wallets

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Nextgov U.S. Central Command Command Commander, U.S. Army Gen. Joseph Votel.

A Fight Is Brewing Between Congress and the Military Over Cyber War

Should in-theater commanders be allowed to launch attacks that currently require approval from the national command authority?


The Dangerous Data Hack That You Won’t Even Notice

By focusing only on hackers’ efforts to extort money or mess with our political process, we may have been missing what is potentially an even scarier possibility.


More Than 50 Experts Just Told DHS That Using AI for “Extreme Vetting” Is Dangerously Misguided

The controversial program, which hasn’t yet been implemented, would screen digital information to determine whether a person is fit to stay in the United States.


Which Bugs Will Hackers Exploit First? Machine Learning Promises a Better Guess

Most vulnerabilities are known; defenders need a better way to know which ones pose an imminent threat.


How Can Agencies Prepare for the Software Future?

Federal agencies and their IT teams must adapt from a hardware-centric model to an increasingly software-defined world.